More to come as our team is working on developing out all the top issues Steven Phan will be campaigning for.

We plan to release a full-fledge policy booklet end of September. Below is a preview, and is subject to some slight changes.


Local Economy


Post pandemic, getting Calgarians back to work will be a top priority. We need to create diversity in our city with a long-term plan for economic recovery. Restoring economic prosperity to our city by working with existing businesses and creating opportunities to attract new investments into our city.


We will have to create multi-level partnerships with all levels of government and educational institutions to bring about positive change to our city. While oil and gas is still the heart of our economy we should look to other cities such as Austin, TX., Denver, CO. and Lehi, UT. that have brought an enormous amount of digital competency to their cities. In addition, they have created economic prosperity diversifying from their natural resources. We are capable of creating an ecosystem that attracts top tech talent and diversity of industries to this city.


In conjunction with revitalizing our economy, performing a complete spending review, removing the red tape, bureaucracy, will attract new companies, and jobs to our city.

The majority of Calgarians that I have met are hard-working, smart, and entrepreneurial and I know right now they are facing insurmountable challenges. I know that we are in this together, and we will overcome these challenges together to build a better city for our families, and our children.

Tax Competitiveness


While there are no business taxes in Calgary because it has been consolidated into non-residential property taxes. The tax burden is shared between businesses and homeowners - homeowners pay 52% while non-residential pays 48%. The inequity created from our volatile oil and gas prices and a shifting demand from our primary industry has created a large burden on our residential homeowners. 


We need to rein in the City’s budget, perform a complete spending review and relieve the tax burden placed upon homeowners.


In making this city more competitive in our taxation model we should wisely invest in our future and on the needs of our ward. Raising taxes beyond the rate of inflation + population growth is unsustainable, and especially during economic hardship.


I will be asking the city to perform more Zero-based reviews which will take a look at expenditures, and to continually seek improvements for efficiency and effectiveness of our programs and services.


Transparency and Accountability


Building and protecting the trust Calgarians have in their elected and unelected officials is of paramount importance. When the governance structures are accessible and understandable it leads to clarity and partnership while minimizing misinformation and antagonism. Transparency can erode over time and I intend to look for new ways to make the decision-making and spending at City Hall easier to access and understand. 


If elected, from day one, I intend to do the hard work of translating the bureaucratic jargon and presenting Ward 12 with regular updates on important decisions and links for more research. In addition to providing details on expenses and disclosing my meetings through a published visitor log.


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