Steven Phan - For Ward 12 City Council

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Together, we can build a better future for our families.


Residents of Ward 12, I am asking you to imagine a better future for our city and invite you to really consider the choices we have before our next election.

Imagine what Calgary could be if we had fresh leadership, with creative ideas, that led to new opportunities.

Imagine how much more we could achieve if we left behind the old ways of doing things. 

Imagine where we could go if we move forward together.

And imagine the possibilities, if we had a City Council that would stand up for:

  • Responsible spending
  • Transparency
  • And more opportunities.

Opportunity is what Calgarians need, and opportunity is what we must work to restore and renew for our city.

In listening to Calgarians, I have realized how much more opportunity there is for us just like when my father came to Canada – Now, if only we had a Council that listened and collaborated with Calgarians, rather than hold us back.

I'm here for the residents of Ward 12 and I will work hard to help us write the next chapter in Calgary’s remarkable story.

My name is Steven Phan, and I am asking to be your next Ward 12 City Councilor.


$1,025.00 raised so far. Help us get to $30,000.00